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'Practical management based on technical expertise'
It was selected as Samsung Electronics' in-house venture (task name: next WEB POS SYSTEM) in January 2000 Through continuous research and technology development, we succeeded in producting high performance It was spun off from Samsung Electronics in September 2002 and became a POS business.
'Global Expertise on Customer Satisfaction'
It has established a strong human resource with POS solutions expertise built over the past 18 years. This has led to a high-performance, multi-functional Total POS solution In Korea, the sound of technological skills, customer needs, and desire to compete with global foreign brands makes We offer this service under the premise of "Customer Satisfaction Priority Furthermore, it is a POS-specialized venture company that exports to the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Japan, Australia, Russia, South Africa, etc. We have obtained various certifications such as establishment of a subsidiary research center, execution of government policy tasks, venture business, Innobiz, export-oriented small and medium enterprises, etc.
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